Melimoyu Lodge

The gates of this paradise are open from November to April for all those who love big adventures, pristine nature, wildlife, and fly-fishing. Melimoyu Lodge is located at kilometer 37 on the road to Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda coming from La Junta, among the rainforests that surround the Melimoyu Volcano and the Queulat hanging glacier.

This lovely place invites you to relax and experience unforgettable adventures in one of the Chilean Patagonia’s most pristine areas. It is a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts thanks to the crystal-clear rivers that run through it. This area is mainly home to brown and rainbow trout, but there are also Chinook salmon that swim upstream to spawn where they were born.

The Lodge is warm, cozy, and well designed, built with mostly native wood. There are only 4 guest rooms -all with views of the Melimoyu Volcano- that combine comfort and relaxation to guarantee profound rest. Among the facilities is a “quincho” or barbeque pit so that guests can share stories with other fishermen and talk about fishing the next day.
Although fly fishing is the star of the show here at the Lodge, there are also other options for excursions such as birdwatching, kayak, walks along trails that are almost unexplored as well as bike riding or rides in the buggy, horseback riding, thermal springs in the untouched landscapes of Patagonia and the new hot tub where you can relax and recharge energy after an exciting day of activity.

In addition, they have built a greenhouse in order to be more environmentally-friendly and grow fresh vegetables for guests to dine on. This way they can supervise harvesting and ensure the finest ingredients, without having to rely on an outside market.

Melimoyu Lodge has a heliport for those who wish to arrive by air to this remote place. The heliport is for guests looking for exclusivity and those who want to go on recreational ex­cursions that require air transport. With this new feature, the lodge has created extraor­dinary heli-fishing excursions in order to give you a more enjoyable fishing experience in hard-to-reach lakes and rivers with wonder­ful, peaceful Patagonian landscapes.

The area surrounding Melimoyu teems with biodiversity all its own. Made up of rivers, volcanoes, glaciers, and hanging glaciers, here you can see foxes, Darwin frogs, southern pudú (the world’s smallest deer), and native birds rarely seen by others, such as the churrín del Sur, chucao and peuquito. You can also spot marine life traveling towards the Chilean Patagonian coast.

When it comes to cuisine at the Lodge, the chefs really know how to fully express the flavors of ingredients, with savory local cui­sine, offering a menu that includes a variety of red meats, fish and foul, fresh salads and a variety of desserts, cakes, pies, and tarts. Not only that, but there is also a delicious and juicy spit-roasted lamb to delight guests.

The Lodge offers an all-inclusive package starting at 2 nights, that in addition to expedi­tions with bilingual guides, offers an open bar and all meals by chefs from the area that re­ally know how to cook with local Patagonian ingredients.

Transport to and from the Balmaceda airport and Chaitén Aerodrome are also included.

For those not looking for an all-inclusive packa­ge, the Lodge also offers “half-board” for tra­velers wanting to stay one night or more. This option allows guests to choose and coordinate one of the various outdoor activities offered, and later continue their journey along the won­derful Carretera Austral in their own vehicle.

Without a doubt, it is an unforgettable experien­ce in which the landscape, service, wildlife, and people will make your stay a dream come true.

Actualización COVID-19

Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19 estamos tomando todas las medidas de sanitización necesarias para prevenir el riesgo de contagio de todos los clientes y nuestro personal con base a protocolos de limpieza y desinfección que hemos implementado.
En Melimoyu Lodge hemos decidido flexibilizar nuestras condiciones de reserva y cancelación para no perjudicar su reservación ante la pandemia de COVID-19:
Cancelación gratuita: Si la estadía no puede concretarse por encontrarse las fronteras de origen o destino cerradas, se realizará un reembolso del 100% del monto pagado.
Reserva flexible: En caso de otros imprevistos a causa del COVID-19 tales como contagio, cuarentena, cambios y/o cancelación de vuelos, entre otros la reserva quedará disponible por un año a contar de la fecha de cancelación manteniéndose el valor de la reserva.

Para ver las políticas de reserva y cancelación completas, haga clic aquí.