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Melimoyu Lodge is a privileged spot for fishing excursions, as its location and geographical conditions provide a large number of fishing spots all fairly close to each other. This pristine area offers crystal clear waters and the privacy to be at one with nature.

Standard Itinerary:

All Inclusive Program

Fly from the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago to the El Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt, where a transfer will be waiting to take you to the Marcelo Marchant airdrome (La Paloma), where you will take a small plane to the Santa Bárbara airdrome just outside Chaitén.

At this airdrome, you will be met by Melimoyu Lodge staff who will drive you southbound along the Carretera Austral towards Hacienda Melimoyu. This scenic road trip will take approximately 3 hours, and you will be able to see extensive forests and pristine glaciers, as well as many lakes and rivers.

Upon arrival to the Melimoyu Lodge, you will receive a welcome cocktail and lunch and have some time to relax and recharge. Later this day you will get information on the dinner times and options, so that you can enjoy remarkable dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients, as well as our open bar. Depending on your arrival time to the Lodge, you may have some time in the afternoon to fish along the banks of the river near the Lodge.

Every night after dinner, the guests will sit down with the head guide to discuss the fishing excursions they would like to do the following day.

Visitors will wake up recharged after a night in our comfortable rooms, and will then enjoy a spectacular and abundant homemade breakfast.

You and your fishing guides will then take the road to Puyuhuapi, where your daily excursion will begin on one of our fully equipped fishing boats. To fish here with Streamers, we recommend casting towards the bank and letting the fly sink for 2 or 3 seconds. If you wish to fish using dry flies, we recommend casting towards the bank, looking for trunks or limbs where fish may dwell and pulling back in short, quick tugs, to simulate the movement of an insect in the water.

Lunch will be along the shore, where you will enjoy your meal surrounded by nature before continuing to fish. We will take the pick-up truck back to the Lodge for a well-deserved break before dinner.

After breakfast, our guides will drive you upstream for about 30 minutes, where we will get on boats and begin to float downstream towards the Lodge. Fishing here will be from the boats, but guests may also get off to take better advantage of the banks, streams and tributaries. Here we recommend fishing with Streamers using the swinging technique to better handle the waters and be more effective.

Lunch will be served near Puerto Bonito, where guests may also fly fish for a chance to catch Chinook salmon, or practice Back Trolling. After lunch, the fishing will continue downstream until we arrive to the loading point, where we will take the truck back to the Lodge for dinner, relaxation and recharging for another day of fishing.

You will have an early breakfast to fuel your last fishing day in the program.

Our guides will take you on a 20-minute ride in the pick-up truck, where we will get out and continue walking downstream for about 3 Km. It is not a difficult walk, but you do need to be carefully when walking amongst trunks and rocks. At this fishing spot, it is important to wait 20 minutes for the waters to go back to normal before starting to fish. In this river, the best way to fish is by casting towards the bank in pools and at the end of the current, and then drawing the fly back slowly. It is important to cast the fly near the banks, since that is where trout like to seek shelter. Thanks to its shallow waters, there are many parts of this river where you can fish from the center towards the banks, making for a comfortable fishing experience.

After a morning of fishing, we will take the truck back to the lodge for a delectable roasted lamb lunch, prepared using traditional roasting techniques, and accompanied by salads, sopaipillas, Chilean wines and more.

Those who still have energy after lunch can fish in the river near the Lodge. Our experience has shown us that the best fishing technique for this river is the Dropper, using a Chernobyl No. 6 as an indicator, Tippet 3x, 40 to 60 cm long, and nymphs No. 12 or 14 such as a black or brown Stonefly, Hare’s Ear or Copper John. We recommend fishing in pools by casting up-current and letting the fly drift. After casting 4 or 6 times, take a few step upstream and repeat the same technique until you have reached the mouth of the pool, and then continue until the next pool.

Then come back to the Lodge for dinner and relaxation.

The last day at Melimoyu Lodge. After breakfast, the Lodge staff will be waiting to take you to the Santa Bárbara airdrome, where you will begin your return trip.

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