Here at Melimoyu Lodge, we invite you to show off your adventurous side. In addition to fly-fishing, we also offer other outdoor activities like trekking, kayaking, buggies, bicycles, hot springs and bird watching along the rivers, trails and forests in the deep nature of the Chilean Patagonia.
And for when you want to relax and recharge after an exciting day of adventure, we have a hot tub on the banks of the Melimoyu river.
Nature photography melimoyu lodge


Tour the Chilean Patagonia by bike. Its diverse geography, rich landscapes, routes and topography make it the perfect challenge for anyone.

Kayaking melimoyu lodge


We offer ideal kayaking service for relaxing rides to admire the breathtaking Chilean Patagonia. We have some great kayak tours on the Palena River and Lake Rosselot. All of our kayak excursions include a guide, support boat, transport and a snack.
Hiking melimoyu lodge


Clear your mind and enjoy a nature hike. You’ll be captivated by the scenic landscapes offered by the Chilean Patagonia. You decide on the difficulty level, and we’ll find the best hiking path to offer you a great experience in every sense.


Fly-fishing in Patagonia is perhaps one of the activities that best connects you to nature and the simple pleasures in life. Whether its brown trout, rainbow trout or Chinook salmon, we will ensure that you find just what you’re looking for.
Natural hot spring melimoyu lodge


If you want to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation to calm the mind, we’ll take a boat ride from our beach to an exclusive area with natural hot springs nestled within the environment and majestic Chilean Patagonia.
Horseback riding patagonia


Those who want a different kind of experience can opt for a horseback ride through the magical landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia. This activity offers guided horseback rides with docile Chilean horses.
Note: Excursions availability subject to weather conditions.

COVID-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking all of the necessary sanitization measures to prevent the risk of contagion for our guests and our staff, based on the cleaning and disinfection protocols we have implemented.

At Melimoyu Lodge, we have adopted more flexible booking and cancellation conditions to protect your reservation.

Free cancellation: If you are unable to make your reservation due to closed borders, we offer a 100% refund on the amount paid.

Flexible booking: In the event of other unforeseen circumstances related to COVID-19, such as contagion, quarantine, flight changes and/or cancellations, among others, your reservation will be available for one year from the date of cancellation at no extra charge.

To see our complete booking and cancellation policies, click here.

Actualización COVID-19

Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19 estamos tomando todas las medidas de sanitización necesarias para prevenir el riesgo de contagio de todos los clientes y nuestro personal con base a protocolos de limpieza y desinfección que hemos implementado.
En Melimoyu Lodge hemos decidido flexibilizar nuestras condiciones de reserva y cancelación para no perjudicar su reservación ante la pandemia de COVID-19:
Cancelación gratuita: Si la estadía no puede concretarse por encontrarse las fronteras de origen o destino cerradas, se realizará un reembolso del 100% del monto pagado.
Reserva flexible: En caso de otros imprevistos a causa del COVID-19 tales como contagio, cuarentena, cambios y/o cancelación de vuelos, entre otros la reserva quedará disponible por un año a contar de la fecha de cancelación manteniéndose el valor de la reserva.

Para ver las políticas de reserva y cancelación completas, haga clic aquí.