Payment Methods

Credit Card: Send the card’s number and expiration date. 50% of the Reservation Value will be charged and you will get a confirmation Email. The remaining Amount must be paid 30 days before Check-in.

Bank Deposit: Deposit 50% of the Reservation Value to Alto Melimoyu S.A. (RUT 76.115.173-8) in one of the following accounts, depending on the currency:

  • CLP Pesos: 210451362 Itau Bank
  • USD Dollars: 1200194568 Itau Bank

Send the Deposit Voucher via email. An email with the Reservation Confirmation will be sent back.
The remaining Amount must be paid 30 days before Check-in.

Reservation Conditions

  • Reservation requests must be confirmed via email by Melimoyu Lodge.
  • Any Reservation without the 50% Payment will be considered tentative.
  • Reservations within 30 days before Check-in, must pay the total Reservation Amount when getting the Availability Confirmation.
  • Reservation modifications subject to availability.
  • Modified Reservations only with written Confirmation by Melimoyu Lodge.
  • Indicate complete name, phone and email.

Cancellation Conditions

Fines applied over the total of the Reservation Amount:

  • 61 days or more in advance (no Fine)
  • Within 60 – 31 days in advance (50% Fine)
  • 30 days or less in advance (100% Fine)
  • No Show (100% Fine)

General Conditions

  • Rates in USD Dollars exempt of Taxes only valid for Foreigners not living in Chile, presenting Passport and Immigration Card.
  • Rates valid from Nov. 1st, 2020 to April 30th, 2021.
  • Rates available for Groups of 2 to 8 Guests.
  • Trips and Activities must be coordinated with people in charge at the Lodge.
  • Children (under 5 years of age) free of charge, sharing bed with the Parents. Maximum one Child per Room.
  • Melimoyu Lodge does not count with phone or internet service.
  • Satellite Phone Calls available at extra charge.


Trips subject to changes due to Weather Conditions, Circumstances beyond the Company’s Control or Decisions made by the Guide in Charge, having to do with Security or the Well-being of any Guest.

Sickness, Food Restrictions, Allergies, Health Problems or Physical Impediments must be expressed when making the Reservation.

There will be no Money back to Guest for Situations that are not Melimoyu Lodge’s Responsibility, such as Meteorological Problems, Social or Political Manifestations, Road Cuts, Natural Phenomenons, Passenger Sickness or other Derivates from these.

Bank Fees that may occure due to Overseas Deposits or Transfer are Responsibility of the emitting Party. Melimoyu Lodge is not responsible for these Fees and the Client or Agency must make sure that the Total Value of the Reservation is received.

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Lodge, Patagonia, Chile Melimoyu Lodge
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