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Chinook Salmon fishing has become one of the most attractive programs for sport fishermen in Chile and abroad for the satisfaction of catching the biggest and fighter fish in freshwater. It becomes exciting to have a very silvery, healthy, vigorous and very large Chinook in...

It’s Time To Lose Yourself In The Chilean Patagonia

By Chile Deluxe Photo Credit Jeremy Koreski The doors of this fly-fishing paradise are open from November to April.Melimoyu Lodge is located at Kilometer 37 on the road to Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda coming from La Junta, among the rainforests that surround the Melimoyu Volcano and the...

Es Tiempo de Perderse en la Patagonia Chilena

By Chile Deluxe Photo Credit Jeremy Koreski A partir de noviembre hasta abril se abren las puertas de este paraíso para los amantes de la pesca con mosca.Melimoyu Lodge, está ubicado en el kilómetro 37 del camino a Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda desde La Junta, entre los...

The Lost Executive – Melimoyu Lodge

By The Lost Executive - Donnie RustMelimoyu Lodge was opened in November 2016 by a company founder and businessman, who dreamt of creating an exclusive lodge experience in the middle of the Chilean Patagonia. Aiming to inspire foreign tourists about the wonders of the southern...

Patagonia Chilena: Un Paraíso de Aventura

Archipiélagos paradisíacos, caminatas por volcanes y naturaleza en su máxima expresión para un viaje mágico e inolvidable.La palabra “Sur” ya no simboliza más un punto cardinal, se ha transformado en un misterio inexplicable y un lugar donde la imaginación fluye de manera instantánea. Sin embargo,...

Chilean Patagonia: An Adventure Paradise

Paradisiacal archipelagos, volcano hiking, and nature in its maximum expression for a magical and unforgettable trip.The word “South” no long symbolizes a mere cardinal point, but has become an inexplicable mystery and place where the imagination flows in an instant. However, the “South” now has...

Chilenisches Patagonien: ein Paradies für Abenteurer

Paradiesische Inselgruppen, Vulkanwanderungen und Natur in ihrer ungezähmten Pracht für eine magische und unvergessliche Reise.Das Wort „Süden” steht mittlerweile nicht mehr nur für eine Himmelsrichtung, sondern ist Synonym für ein unergründliches Mysterium und einen Ort, an dem sich die Fantasie unmittelbar entfaltet. Heute hat der...

Lodge, Patagonia, Chile Melimoyu Lodge
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Lodge, Patagonia, Chile Melimoyu Lodge
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Lodge, Patagonia, Chile Melimoyu Lodge
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